There is deep relaxation achieved during a session because there is no effect of the gravity force felt and some sensory isolation is achieved through floating – one can fall asleep here! Regardless of the floating specialist’s experience, a man enters a half-asleep stage and remains in the state of trance throughout the treatment. In our daily life, under the influence of gravity, we float through this stage (the Theta waves) and fall asleep. A man becomes well balanced and achieves harmony, when visiting floating sessions.

Moreover, while a person relaxes, some benefits of Epsom salt are received, because for floating there is half a ton of it dissolved in the water. Epsom salt is widely used in medicine and beauty care, because of the unique value of Epsom salt that is its high magnesium and sulfur content. Thus, during the floating treatment there is a unique possibility to lie in the large quantity of magnesium and sulfur that has a good effect on the person’s health and beauty.

When floating, a body absorbs the Epsom salt as a sponge directly through skin and the quantity it requires. Magnesium enters muscles already during the first treatment session; as a result the muscle spasms and tonus are removed.

Effect of magnesium:

  • The stress and tiredness decreases;
  • Energy is renewed;
  • The state of depression is eliminated;
  • The muscle tone and spasms are eliminated;
  • The functioning of the cardiac muscle is adjusted;
  • The blood pressure and activity of blood-vessels are adjusted;
  • The functioning of  the autonomic nervous system normalizes.

Effect of sulphur:

  • Metabolism improves and the excess weight is lost;
  • Toxins are discharged;
  • The collagen synthesis improves;
  • The connective tissues strengthen and skin becomes firmer;
  • Cellulitis reduces;
  • The damaged skin is regenerated;
  • Skin becomes more tender and silky.