Who Floats

Who really needs the flouting activity? It is, without exceptions, necessary to all those, who care about their physical, psychical, emotional and mental health.

First of all, they are THE ONES WHO HAVE STUCKED IN THEIR WORKS AND DUTIES. Everyone, that have a wish and need to “break free” but they can’t; everyone who has to work hard, like: business professionals, politicians, all kinds of leading figures, who are constantly working under a pressure of stress because of their personal responsibilities and intense schedule. A single session of flouting weekly, can eliminate stress so efficiently, that a condition, as well as a professional and private life of a person, changes so sharply, that it’d be nearly unbelievable, if not – through and through real; the joy of life becomes a permanent quality, working capacity double, and it is so easy to go on!

Secondly, THOSE, WHO WANT TO LOOK WELL AND TAKE CARE OF THEIR SKIN. Epsom salt is magnesium sulphate, it naturally softens and exfoliates your skin. Exfoliating helps skin to “breathe” deeper, and it becomes more sensitive. In natural resources, Epsom salt is a part of special Spa springs.

Third group would be: PERSONS WHO ARE UNDER A GREAT PHYSICAL PRESSURE. For example: athletes. Deep relaxation lets muscles to retrieve quicker, after an intense physical effort. Another important issue is that: during flouting, a state of relaxed mind and body is rather easily achieved; and that’s a key to an effective self-inspiration, visualization and many other similar techniques. There are data about plenty of athletes, who, visualizing their victory during a floatation session, have set their subconscious mind towards it, and have won the Olympic Games! And nothing much to wonder about, then – they had already achieved the maximum in their thoughts, imagination, and their subconscious mind simply did not accept any other versions. That’s why floating is a handy tool for psychologically preparing athletes and others, who would like to achieve the most of possible.

Fourthly, THOSE, WHO ARE WILLING TO LEARN QUICKLY AND TO OBTAIN LOTS OF NEW KNOWLEDGE. During the floating session, we achieve a state, lingering on the border between sleep and being awake. It’s a state, which can also be achieved with a help of hypnosis. Just that, during floating, it is much deeper, and a person is still fully awake and conscious. During many experiments, it is proved clearly, that the information, being obtained with a purpose and consciously, is more effective, when absorbed in this state of floating, and so it is more consistent in the future. In the floating rooms, it’s possible to use various forms of learning; for this need, there is a special loudspeaker in the flouting room, so a client can listen to language course lectures or other kind of learning materials. Experiments have proven that, studying while floating, we can learn 16 TIMES MORE EFFICIENTLY. It’s not a big surprise, as, during a flouting session, the cerebral hemispheres get synchronized more efficiently, so that “tuned up” conceptions and a complicated information is much more apprehensible, as the theory of right and left cerebral hemisphere testifies. Besides, all the attention during this process is concentrated towards a perception through hearing, so we can easily perceive even specifically complicated information. One of the reasons for this lightness of perception is, that only a floatation room in the city can separate us from thousands of sounds, noises, colors, lights, magnetic and radio waves and signals, which affect us practically all the time, even if we are not aware of it.

Fifth group, for whom floating might be especially helpful, is – PREGNANT WOMEN AND MOTHER. A pregnant woman should do – and, of course, does – everything possible to provide a stress-free environment for her pregnancy. By floating regularly, a pregnant mother can ensure the most pleasant climate for development of it; the development atmosphere, without doubt, significantly affects both a birth-giving, and all the succeeding life of a new born kid.  To carry a child without any stress – floating here is one of the most improved tools. In the floatation room, the young mother herself will feel secure and comfortable as in a mother’s tum. In addition to that, the amount of the energy saved lifts the mood to a light euphoria, which radiates positive emotions, light thoughts and a joyful mood.  The other obstacle – how important it is to a pregnant woman to be able to relax her body fully, is apparently obvious.

The sixth group: ALL THOSE WILLING TO STAY ON THEIR OWN, AND TO CLEAR THEIR THOUGHTS. Floating is a great opportunity to experience a state of perfect inner and outer silence. Being just with yourself – it really means a lot. There is no better room for taking important decisions, than the floatation room. We also mean personal revelations, discoveries, ideas and answers to  the most important questions of the existence – everyone meets these mental states after the first sessions of floating.

And, of course, all THE RESEARCHERS OF MENTAL PROCESSES, SUBCONSCIOUSNESS, AND WILLING TO EXPLORE BRAIN FUNCTION are among those, who would need to float. For example, esoteric, yogi, and developers of other spiritual praxes, practitioners of various psycho-techniques. Being able to reach the state in between sleep and reality – it is an impressive skill. In the floatation room, it happens without any effort, itself. You lay back, relax your body, and – see! – in some 20 minutes you are already “THERE”. Truly deep, but in the same time – keeping oneself still awake.

What to do in this particular state – that’s another question. Some uses affirmations and other forms of self-programming, others listen to their meditation recordings or visualize their future, few try to achieve the astral projection (and sometimes they succeed), yet for many others it is, above all, a possibility to retreat and to be in the Silence and Emptiness. But those who are interested in something more, can, of course, experiment broadly, if they wish. For some reason, some people say, that Gary Palmer, creator of the “Avatar” cult, got enlightened after 8 weeks of floating for an 8 hour session each day. It just means there are still unexplored areas in the floatation magic, and many discoveries and possible ways to help the world, are still yet to come.

PEOPLE WITH WEIGHT PROBLEMS are also taking their benefits from the floatation. There are several reasons for it: first, let’s face the fact, that people get rid of their negative thoughts and stress, when eating; due to physiology, after a meal our blood moves more intensely to our stomach, thus leaving us in a bit sleepy and melancholic mood,  which lets to leave the daily troubles apart.  As floatation eliminates stress effectively, the necessity of giving ease to brain through having another meal diminishes accordingly.

The second factor is that floating very quickly raises our energy level, so we just have no need for consuming additional calories. And, the most obvious of all – floating results in changing the priorities in life. A person becomes socially and physically active, and that, by a definition, enhances the motivation to “be fit”.

Also THOSE, WHO TEND TO BECOME VICTIMS OF VARIOUS ADDICTIONS. Nowadays we might not even notice the process, but find ourselves bent in various addictions. One of the reasons of reaching for alcohol, nicotine or light drugs, is – to switch the nonstop torrent of information off, to escape from that flow for a moment. Those mentioned are just a tiny part of all the range of addictions people may get into. We are brave enough to claim, that floating increases the relaxation effects so much, that it endures with a mild “after-taste” and leave us satisfied. Simply saying – floaters enjoy the process, but experience even a bigger delight after the process. Is there anything similar to this effect, anywhere? At least, we have no such information.

And last, but not least: EACH ONE, WHO HAS COME TO A CROSSROADS IN THE LIFE AND FALLEN OUT OF THE RHYTHM OF LIFE FOR A LONGER TERM. During the life turns, there can be many enough reasons to feel fallen out of the rhythm and not getting it back – like personal tragedy: divorce, a loss of a close person, financial breakdown, loss of ideals, frustration; or a sudden catastrophe, or a logical end of any certain life period. Each of us has met a situation, which likely does not let us to act in any way that moment.

Sometimes we do not have to do anything, but just wait. And waiting is not the most common ability of ah human being – we have to act, and it happens, that the time gets filled with various stuff, including loose and aimless things to split our attention. In such cases, believe us, nine situations out of ten, the totally best thing you can choose for yourself doing, is floating. THAT’S SOMETHING WE FULLY GUARANTEE!