Epsom products

We are offering Epsom salt for sale in the neatly packed linen bags that can be used both to improve your health and as an original present.

Price 8 euro ( 1kg).

Epsom salt is widely used in medicine and beauty parlours, because the unique value of Epsom salt is its high content of magnesium and sulphur.

Any lady will appreciate gift because Epsom salt can be used for bathing, facial skin cleansing, and as a natural and high quality body scrub. After the Epsom salt treatment your skin and the whole body will become firmer, because the sulphur present in Epsom salt detoxicates your body, activates the synthesis of collagen and strengthens your connective tissues. It is an efficient bath of detoxication in the home environment. 

A bath of Epsom salt has a great effect:

  1. Stress and muscle tone are reduced, activity of the vegetative nervous system normalizes and there is deep relaxation achieved due to the benefits of magnesium;
  2. Toxins are discharged; the condition of skin improves due to the benefits of sulphur.

Bath contributing to the loss of weight and the improvement of skin

Regular Epsom salt baths are really a great way of getting rid of toxins and excess weight. It has been established that toxins intercept water and stick to fat, as a result cellulites develops. The more toxins have accumulated in our body under the influence of the surrounding environment and food poisoning, the larger inclination to cellulites. Epson salt improves digestion, it stimulates metabolism, discharges toxins. After taking a bath the skin is not extremely wet as it is in case of ordinary bathes, it is velvety, smooth and firm. Under the influence of sulphur, connective tissues strengthen.